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CRUDgen generates the UI for CRUD operations instantly, providing a modern feature-rich UI easily integrated with any backend technology.

  1. Add the tables' fields
  2. Choose a template
  3. UI is ready, download it

No install needed, no learning curve, get the UI and use it in your project.

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Impress clients and users

More than 200 features and options: CRUD Operations, Bulk Actions, Editing Options, Deleting Options, Listing Options, Filtering Options, Sorting Options, View style Options, UI Display Options, Messages Options, Input Validation, Fields Options, Input Elements, Advanced UI elements, and many more

Not only generates admin panels, but also the interface for the end user.

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Save Money and Time

Take advantage of the 1000s of hours we invested to produce CRUDgen. With CRUDgen, full-stack, front-end, and back-end developers can deliver way faster with a considerable saving.

Some numbers to consider when building your next project


The estimated total pay for a Junior Front End Developer

200 Hours

The average total hours of front-end development per project


The average total cost of front-end development per project

CRUDgen for Teams

Teams' subscriptions are designed to make working with colleagues easy and secured, without sharing the data and by granting the least required privileges.

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Team collaboration

Create or modify projects, apps, tables, templates, write comments and your team can see the changes immediately.

Role-based permissions

Lead, back-end, front-end, viewer, and other roles limit users' permissions, so they cannot make changes out of their scope.

Activity Logs

The activity log includes information like when a project, app, table, filed is modified, added, or deleted and who made the action.

Stay safer & keep your data safe

CRUDgen privacy features help keep you and your data safe by sharing your UI with team members without sharing the data.

  • CRUDgen generates demo data for your testing and does not require access to your data
  • CRUDgen provides private and team projects
  • CRUDgen allows splitting projects into apps and granting access to the app not the project
  • Big teams can apply role-based permissions with 7 different access levels

CRUDgen is complying with GDPR and CCPA regulations.


Zero learning curve

It takes about 5 minutes to learn how to generate your user interface, add fields, set options, generate and customize the UI.

Preset templates help you to preview the effects of the UI options based on the fields you added in just a click and in a second.

CRUDgen regenerates the UI instantly every time you make a change, you can see the changes immediately


Easy integration

Scoped JS and CSS makes the generated UI works on your project without any conflicts, it will affect only the generated div element.

Use CDNs or download the files of CSSvars and Vue.js (more are comming) libraries, both options are available for an easier integration.

Keep your technology stack, CRUDgen was built to assist and not to force using a certain one, tested on many different technologies

Easy customization

You can customize colours, sizes, fonts easily with CSS variables, and choose or customize templates and make it your own.

Code replacement feature allows CRUDgen to remembers your changes and applys them automatically, whenever you make changes

Extra JS CSS code feature, allows you to add your CSS styles, JS code or link to external files and libraries in the generated UI

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