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CRUDgen generates the UI for CRUD operations instantly, providing a modern, feature-rich UI easily integrated with any backend technology. Fully customizable UI, for viewing and editing, and in many view styles.
⭐ Add the tables' fields ⭐ Choose a template ⭐ UI is ready, download it
View Styles: Table, List, Gallery, Chart, Board, Details, Form, Slider, Category, Guide, Authentication. (Soon) Time-table, Calendar
Table View Style Generator
Gallery View Style Generator
Gallery View Style Generator
Gallery View Style Generator
Category View Style Generator
Category View Style Generator
Guide View Style Generator
Slide View Style Generator
Details View Style Generator
Form View Style Generator
Authentication View Style Generator

Feature-rich UI to impress

More than 250 features and options:

  • CRUD Operations
  • Bulk Actions
  • Editing Options
  • Deleting Options
  • Listing Options
  • Filtering Options
  • Sorting Options
  • UI Display Options
  • Messages Options
  • Input Validation
  • Advanced UI elements
  • and many more
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Why CRUDgen

Time-consuming building web apps UI
High-cost building web apps UI
Or lack of quality UI building skills
Whatever you want to:

Build a new web app

Improve an existing app

Improve/add a feature to an app

CRUDgen saves

    Reduce time spent on development

    Reduce cost spent on development

    Reduce users complaints & churn

CRUDgen improves

    Leverage the quality

    Leverage user satisfaction

    Leverage user engagement

Save Time & Money

Take advantage of the 1000s of hours we invested to produce CRUDgen. With CRUDgen, full-stack, front-end, and back-end developers can deliver way faster with a considerable saving.

Some numbers to consider when building your next project


The estimated total pay for a Junior Front End Developer

200 Hours

The average total hours of front-end development per project


The average total cost of front-end development per project

Easy to use

It takes about 5 minutes to learn how to generate your user interface, add fields, set options, generate and customize the UI.

Easy integration

Scoped JS and CSS makes the generated UI works on your project without any conflicts, it will affect only the generated div element.

Easy customization

You can customize colours, sizes, fonts easily with CSS variables, and choose or customize templates and make it your own.


Teams' subscriptions are designed to make working with colleagues easy and secured, by granting the least required privileges.


CRUDgen privacy features help keep your data safe, it does not require access to your data, provides private & shared projects.

Quality UI

CRUDgen generates UI that is tested, validated, lint, formatted, optimized and up to the highest standard.

Not limited to UI Generation Only

CRUDgen plan is to provide a full-stack generator for top web development frameworks
Do you build with Django? Try CRUDgen for Django, add your models and get everything else.

Get a feature-rich UI
Cut the cost & save time

Enjoy full access to the app for free, and build your first UI in minutes.
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