About CRUDgen

CRUDgen is a tool that generates the UI for CRUD operations very fast, providing a modern feature-rich UI easily integrated with any backend technology.

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Our story

We have been building web apps for more than 15 years, the most time-consuming part was always building the UI, most of the clients' requirements were related to the UI. 65% of the project cost and time are spent on building the UI, integrating the UI, and updating the UI.

At the beginning of 2022 we have decided to build a feature-rich CRUD UI builder to solve this problem, and after two years, the first version is ready, released, and available for customers.

One single mission

Get a feature-rich UI...
Cut the cost & save time

Add the fields, choose a template and the UI is ready

Get the UI and use it in your project

As simple as that...

Infinite ambition

Not just an editable table...
More view styles

Not just input and display...
More advanced UI elements

Not just admin panel ...
UI for the end user

Much more is coming..

About WebAI Ltd Company

We make researches and build tools to get the maximum of AI to assist, complement,
empower, and inspire in the web development field.

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