CRUDgen vs UI Kits Comparison

While UI kits offer a plethora of advantages in terms of efficiency, consistency, and standardization, they also come with certain drawbacks that should be considered before adopting them. Here are some of the primary disadvantages of UI kits:

  1. Time Consuming: UI kits provide reusable components, but still, you need to configure every page to connect your data, and this should be repeated every time you make a change to your app.

  2. Learning Curve: Each UI kit has its own unique structure, organization, and naming conventions, which can require designers to invest time in learning how to navigate and utilize the kit effectively. This learning curve can add to the initial setup time and may deter designers from adopting new UI kits.
    ✅ generates the UI instantly, and it does not take 5 minutes to learn to use it

  3. Zero integrations made: UI kits provide UI elements and designed pages, but it’s not its job to assist in integrating these elements with your backend, the help of a full-stack or front-end developer will be needed.

  4. Incompatibility Issues: UI kits may not always seamlessly integrate with different development frameworks or platforms. Incompatibility issues could arise when trying to use a UI kit designed for one technology stack with another.
    ✅ is easily integrated with any backend and sends request to the backend after each action requires updating the database. Tested on many backend technologies.

  5. Limited Customization: UI kits provide a predefined set of components and styles, which can restrict the designer's ability to create a truly unique and distinctive design. This limitation can be particularly problematic for projects that require a highly tailored brand experience or a visually impactful interface.

  6. Not Tailored to Specific Needs: UI kits are often designed to cater to a broad range of projects and users, which means they may not perfectly align with the specific needs of every individual project. This can lead to situations where designers struggle to find the exact components they require or encounter elements that don't fit the project's context.

  7. Not Always Aligned with Project Needs: UI kits are designed to be versatile and applicable to a wide range of projects. However, this may mean that some components included in the kit are not well-suited for a specific project, leading to compromises in the design.
    ✅ UI is fully customizable and easy to customize with CSS variables, besides, You can replace the CSS files with your own or use your preferred framework

  8. Potential for Inconsistency: If not managed carefully, the use of multiple UI kits within a project or across a product line can lead to inconsistencies in design style and user experience. This can create confusion and frustration for users who encounter different design elements and interactions across different parts of the product.

  9. Lack of Originality: One of the main disadvantages of using UI kits is that they can lead to generic and predictable designs. Since UI kits provide pre-designed elements, there's a risk that many interfaces may end up looking similar or lacking uniqueness.
    ✅ is focusing on generating quality UI, for all purposes like admin, end-user, blog, store and more. And it comes with almost all the UI elements you might need for your project.

CRUDgen UI Generator

UI Kits


Generates high quality feature-rich UI instantly

A set of UI elements to build web apps


UI Delivery Speed


You add your tables’ fields and the UI will be generated instantly


Using their UI elements, you need to build every page separately

UI/UX Quality


High-quality UI/UX because it’s the main focus


High-quality UI/UX because it’s the main focus


Backend Integration


Easily integrated

No Integration made

Backend Technology


Integrated with any backend technology


Integrated with any backend technology

Backend Quality


You are in full control of making the backend at world-class standards


You are in full control of making the backend at world-class standards

Best for



Development teams

Full-stack developers

Backend developers

Frontend developers

Big development teams



Small and big projects for any purpose. New or to improve the UI of existing projects.

Have a big budget

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